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Silver CFA purebred Persian Kittens

              Flat and Dollfaced                            

Silver sisters 11-2023.jpg

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    Merry Christmas

   from SilverMeows         Cattery/Kennels


Pure Bred Persian Cattery

CFA Registered

Persian Kittens

Hand raised pure bred Kittens and puppies in our home. We deliver locally in Oregon and Washington for a fee...

Pure Bred Persians

The oldest Persian  Chinchilla PureBred Lines.

All kittens must be SPAYED and NEUTERED by 5.5 months of age. 

CFA, AKC Registered

Gorgeous Kittens specifically pure bred for championship quality, DNA tested PKD negative Persian Parents. Health guarantee*

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Queen KeikiKai
silver chinchilla persian female 2023_ed

to now include
AKC pure bred Miniature Dachshund Puppies from Grand Champion lineages.

     Amazingly High Quality Purebred Persian CFA Registered Kittens. These babies are Bred with Love.  

  Pure Bred "Pet Only" Persian Kittens

Silver Meows

 L'Dearheart, Castlebelle and Lilacville  of Oahu Lines, High Desert Persians, as well as top show CFA Grand Champion lineage.

Dollfaced and flat faced.

Offering colorings of:

Silver Chinchillas, Shaded Goldens, Shaded Blue Goldens, Silver's, Tortie's, Goldens, Chinchilla Goldens, Calico's, Dilute Calico's and Tabbies.

Our AKC preferred breeder status is a result of our commitment to excellence in the rearing of our Miniature Dachshunds Puppies. We feed organic and raw diets and use and reccomend only positive reinforcement for exemplary training results. With love and positive reinforcement training, we offer Miniature Dachshund puppies that results in the best of the breed.

All Deposits are NON REFUNDABLE as Puppies and kittens are pulled from the available lists and may miss they're potential furrever homes... 

Free Waiting lists, and paid waitlists available- contact">


Queen Silver Aspen
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Female DF Silv.9-19-22.jpg


Silver Meows is a licensed CFA Registered Cattery. A licensed and preferred AKC Miniature Dachshund Kennel. We hand Raise these Gorgeous Persians, and Miniature Dachshunds.The gorgeous Persians kittens we breed are Chinchilla Lines from the L'Dearheart Collection; as well as Lilacville from Hawaii, CastleBelle, High Desert Persians; we also have lineage from top Breeders in CFA show lines. We are Silver Meows in Colorado, Washington and Oregon. Our kitties and puppies live in our home, our cats and dogs are our family members! Our cats and dogs have free roam of the house, so no cages! We feed organic raw diets. All breeding cats have been DNA tested Negative for PKD.

We breed Persian kittens both Dollfaced and Flat faced.

We breed for the best in facial structure, colorings and respiratory health and to continue this gorgeous breed.

Colorings: Shaded Goldens, Calico's, Dilute Calico's, Silvers, Tabbies, Tortie's, Goldens, Golden Chinchilla's, Silver Chinchillas, Solid Whites, Shaded Blue Silvers and Shaded Blue Goldens..

CFA Purebred Persian Kittens.

AKC Miniature Dachsunds. We have short haired and longhaired.

Colorings: Black/Tan's, Chocolate/Tan, Cremes, Reds, Dappled, Solid Black, Red/Chocolate, Shaded Creme's,

In Oregon and Washington Owned and operated by

Brittanny Day


All Deposits are non refundable 400$...

All Kittens are $2800-3500 and Puppies are $3000 and all babies going to their furrier homes are to be


  by 5-6 months of age. Please send receipt to"> * Failure to spay/neuter results in breach of contract.

 *Health guarantee of 1 year against genetic defect of Polycystic Kidney Disease... Vet records are required showing diagnosis ! All of our animals are DNA tested prior to breeding! All vaccinations records also required showing on time vaccines against diseases.No refunds are given, expressed or implied; Another animal of equal value will be supplied on next available litter, after secured waitlist is fulfilled.

We reserve the right to deny sales to anyone at anytime and to cancel a sale at our discretion. We do not supply AKC/CFA paperwork on pickup day. All animals are AKC/CFA registered shortly after birth. We will email paperwork of AKC/CFA registration upon your emailed proof of sterilization at 5.5- 6 months of age. Although all of Breeding adults Kitties have green eyes( except Willow, copper eyed) Pups are usually Brown, Merle Blue or Green eyed; we do not guarantee eye color as only GOD can guarantee that.


              Silver Meows Cattery






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             OPENING HOURS:


          Mon - Fri:   6am - 10pm

​​          Saturday: 10am - 10pm

​ Sunday:Closed to Praise God

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