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Welcome to Silver Meows Waitlist Page


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LH Shaded Creme male 4_7_23.jpg

Wait List for Persian Kittens

1.)Michelle A. Salem Dep Pd * FF

2.)Mary Ellen- Angel( Silv. Male Chin DF) Dep PD 1st choice*

3.)Stephanie K.(FF Lightest F) Dep Pd*

4.)Michael R. Seattle (Silv. DF F) Dep Pd 1 st choice*

5.) Stephanie P. Owns Gus wants 2nd*

6.) Marlene  Silver*

7.)Mary M. F DF S. Golden*

8.)Linda A N.Mexico July*

9.)Alina C. Seattle Silv. Chin DF w/ green eyes*

10.) Hugo F Washington Silver/White M*

11.)Cheryl J. F  Shaded Silver*

12.) Ashton M. *

13.) Terri T. in No. Cal DF Shaded Silver Male*

14.) Robyn W* Silver Tipped female (future)

15.) Ebony W * male

16.) Anna G.  VF DF SilverTipped (Eugene)

17.) Mehrdad S.

18.) Karina DF

               Waitlist for upcoming Litter's of Puppies




          Waitlist for AKC Miniature dachshunds Winter 2023/ Spring 2024

1.)Gabrielle LH F Dappled Washington


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